Internet Services

internet services

The NCPAG Library provides Internet access during library hours. The section located at the 2nd floor has 3 computer terminals with internet access where students, faculty and staff may surf the net, email or do social networking, encode, check/update CRS, search online resources and/or tap elecricity. To avail of the internet access, library user must first register at the Internet Services Login Sheet located at the Reserve Section counter and leave a validated UP ID and Internet Use Card.

Guidelines for internet use: 1) Internet use is limited to research and educational purposes only. Pornographic search is strctly prohibited; 2)Service shall be on a first-come first-served basis, with only one client per terminal; 3) Service is limited to only one (1) hour per client. However, usage time can be extended provide there's no queue (of clients) registered in the login sheet.