Identification Card
A properly countersigned ID card is the permit to use the library. It must be presented when entering the library and whenever materials are checked out for reading [for the reserve books] or for home use. The ID card is nontransferable and must not be used by another person.

Temporary Library Card
This card is issued by the library when the Registrar's Office is unable to process or issue ID cards. Two 1x1 ID-size photos are required. It would surrendered to NCPAG library when the ID card is presented for validation.

UP Webmail Account
Effective 1st Semester, AY 2008-2009, a borrower's card will no longer be required in checking out circulation books. All transaction will now require a UP Webmail account. Please get your webmail account at UP Computer Center.

Library Fees

U.P. students who will use electricity for laptops and other personal equipment will pay PHP20.00/hour or may deduct the time spent from their pink card.

Alumni, former faculty and staff may use the library upon presentation of a valid ID and proof of former UP status for five(5) days persemester or summer, after which they will pay a research fee of PHP20.00/day.

Graduate students and researchers may use the library resources upon recommendation of their respective officials and upon payment of the library fee of PHP50.00/day. Please present a signed referral letter, your ID, and, the payment at the circulation desk upon entering the library. You may also contact us in advance in order for us to accomodate you better.

Fines and Penalties

Overdue Materials

Lost Publications

  1. Loss of a Book - Any person who loses or fails to return a book within seven days after due date or recall shall either replace it with the same title or a good photocopy or pay its current replacement value, or replace it within 30 days by another title selected by the Head Librarian. In all cases, the person shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book.
  2. Loss of a Periodical - Any persion who loses or fails to return a periodical after recall shall either replace it with the same title and issue number or a good photocopy within 30 days by another title selected by the Librarian. In all cases the persion shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book.

Proper Conduct in the Library

Any person engaged in disorderly conduct such as drunken behavior, creating diorder, tumult, breach of peace; or serious disturbance, gross and deliberate discourtesy, possession of prohibitive drugs; or in disruptive behavior such as smoking, eating, and playing cards within the library shall be excluded from the library and be subject to suspension of library priveleges for not more than 2 weeks.

Breach of Discipline

Any breach of discipline shall be reported to the proper authorities for action in accodrance with the pertinent provisions of the University Code.


Violation or infraction of the rules and regulations of the library shall not be excused on a plea of ignorance.